Is This Duke Nukem Countdown Leading To A Big Announcement?

Is A Remaster/Return To Glory In The Cards For Duke Nukem?

There’s been a countdown sitting on Duke Nukem’s website, and as of writing, it only has six days left. Fans of the popular shooter are curious what this entails, but there may just be something in the works, according to this post on Reddit.

Duke Nukem Remaster

The user notes they received some leaked details (and my dad works at nintendo), but comes with some tangible proof to back up the claims. The leaker provided this user with a bevy of screenshots, including the one you see above, and it looks pretty damn good. The rumor also suggested by this person notes the title will be called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, and will be developed by Nerve Software. The studio knows shooters, having had a big hand in various titles such as Call of Duty, the older DOOM titles released on XBLA, and even a bit of Quake and Wolfenstein action. Duke’s return to the spotlight would certainly be handled well by a studio that has a knack for explosive gunplay, and frankly, to have Duke roaring back onto the scene with a muffled bang just isn’t his style.┬áThere are big plans for this re-master, if the leaker has anything to say about it. They note that it will be a remastering of Duke Nukem 3D, featuring plenty of new/original content. They also have plans for Co-Op and online deathmatch,

The Duke Nukem series has had a bit of a rocky transition to the current generation of titles, with Duke Nukem Forever being a bit of a bore. That isn’t to say the series hasn’t left its mark on video games though, with Duke commonly being touted as a bit of a badass, to say the least. Keep your eyes on COGconnected, as we may just be saying “Hail to the king” if there’s weight to this rumor.