Expansion For Endless Legend Announced, Coming “Soon”

Endless Legend Tempest Revealed By Amplitude Studios Today

Amplitude Studios is on a roll it seems. Hot off the announcement of Endless Space 2 heading to Early Access on Steam, they then announced the new expansion for Endless Legend, known as Tempest. Endless Legend Tempest will feature a truckload of new content, so let’s get into the important stuff, shall we?

Endless Legend Shadows Screen

The brand new expansion, Endless Legend Tempest, will introduce a new major faction known as the Morgawr. This faction is known to be a manipulative race, and is fond of naval combat as well. To help coincide with this, Endless Legend Tempest will feature a new focus on ocean regions, and you can bet the Morgawr will be there to fight for naval supremacy. They aren’t the only new faction to be added, however, as there will be a new minor faction known as the Fomorians.

The focus on ocean combat poses an interesting direction for the series. Massive arcane buildings will rise from the depths, and these relics provide massive bonuses for those who can capture them. In order to do so though, they will need to overtake the guardian of each relic, which will be no small feat. These guardians will roam too, and for those playing Endless Legend Tempest, they better keep their head on a swivel when they head into uncharted territory.

Amplitude Studios has a knack for deep 4X Strategy games, with them having won the 2013 Golden Cube and Community Choice Unity Awards for Endless Space. They also received an award in 2015 for best Visual Experience with Endless Legend. If you need more information on Endless Legend Tempest, you can visit their Facebook, their Twitter, or even hit up their website.

Endless Legend Tempest’s release is slated as “coming soon”, but the studio has assured it is close to release.

SOURCE: Press Release