Humankind’s First Major Expansion Is About Making Peace

Humankind’s First Big Expansion Is Coming This Fall

Humankind is getting its first big expansion this fall. When it comes, players will have to guide their culture-shifting community from the Neolithic to the Contemporary Era.

The Together We Rule expansion will have players taking their fingers off the nuclear button. Instead, Humankind fans will have to focus on making peace. There will be a host of new features that emphasize the clandestine and diplomatic aspects of state craft. It would seem that the expansion’s aim is to beef up the non-military aspects of Amplitude’s 4X. Devs are encouraging players to “resolve conflicts differently.

humankind expansion making peace

Moreover, it seems that the most significant piece of the Humankind expansion is the Congress of Humanity. In the real world, it would be equivalent to the United Nations. At the Congress, players will have to opportunity to vote on legislation that will expectedly impact empires across the map. By doing this, the players can bring their political weight to have bearing on the conflicts of others.

Humankind will also have an all-new embassy system. This will allow players to sign agreements with the other factions. They can either do that, or make the other factions bend to their will. Plus, Agents will be available to act as spies within other empires. 

Together We Rule is also going to feature new cultures and wonders. It will come with a major free update that promises to bring new stealth mechanics to the game. According to multiple reports, this particular update will have some changes to the UI.

Humankind had some positive reviews. However, many critics did point out that it had some room to grow. With the Together We Rule expansion coming up, it might just be the answer to filling that space.

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