Uber-Style Rides For Pokémon GO Players Are Popping Up All Over The Place

Pokémon GO Rides For Sale

Is running after all those Pokémon’s wearing you out? Well, it appears some entrepreneurs have the solution for you. They want to be your personal Pokémon GO driver. For just $20-$25 per hour a driver will now chauffeur you around to play in cities like New York, Portland, and Vancouver.

The ads are slowly cropping up around USA and Canada, as the augmented reality game catches fire and people find out that they’re accidentally getting exercise.

Some of the drivers are even including perks like free snacks, phone chargers, and wi-fi.

We are not sure how legal some of these ventures are or if the drivers have the right insurance requirements, so we HIGHLY recommend you proceed with caution if you are considering this.

Pokemon go

From an ad in Portland on Craigslist:



I will drive you around Portland Metro area while you play Pokemon Go.

Rides will include snacks and beverages.

$30/per person

Includes 2 hours of driving around to all the PokeStops and Gym Trainers

And another ad in New York on Craigslist:

Don’t want to walk especially in the heat, humidity, or rain for a bunch of km’s to hatch your eggs, visit Pokéstops, go to gyms, or get items? Looking for Pokémon the don’t reside where you do? Let’s make your Pokémon go experience more SAFE and comfortable?

I am driving around the Tri-state area for Pokémon. I am open to all farm routes. I am available day and night!!!

EMAIL or TEXT me let me know what type of trips you would like (Destination or just travel the city) when and what team you’re on (I am Mystic). I’ll try to organize it so that it will be fun and enjoyable for all.

EMAIL or TEXT me so we can set up a rendezvous. I’m thinking Union Square or Atlantic Mall (Brooklyn)

I am a current licensed T&LC driver. I have a 5 seater car (2016 Toyota Camry) but will only taking 3 passengers for quality of life reasons.

iPhone thunderbolt, Apple Watch and Micro USB-cord charger already in the car for convenience.

Wifi-enabled trip.

Last but not least we have one in Vancouver, Canada where technically the game isn’t even available yet; however, we recognize fans have figured out a way to download it:


wan’t to poke level up with a sleek cool ride around town to visit all the poke stops and poke gyms you can? How about an accelerated travel time to incubate your poke egg?!

I will be your personal poke chauffer (driver).

Level up like Gary Oak did with a sleek red FR-S!!
$5 dollars for additional person. This is your PokeHack for that PokeAdvantage!