Hideo Kojima Reportedly Launching Own Studio

Hideo Kojima, the celebrated mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, is starting his own studio independently of Konami. There are no details yet about what he will be working on, or in what capacity.

hideo kojima
According to Japanese publication Nikkei, Kojima is currently talking with Sony Computer Entertainment, suggesting that the new studio’s first project could be related to the SCE group. Kojima’s previous company, Kojima Productions, has had its workforce reduced by Konami after his well-known split with Konami.

In case you have just come back from a log trip to Mars, Kojima and Konami went their separate ways this year, in a very public split. This included Kojima’s removal from the MGS franchise’s credits, his prevention from accepting an award for  MGSV, and the cancellation of his joint-venture with Guillermo Del Toro, Silent Hill.

Stay tuned here for any more info on this latest venture from Kojima.