Nyko’s New Type Pad for the Xbox One Now Available

It took a couple years or so but we finally have a chat pad we can use for our Xbox One. While my days of getting chatty over XBL are far behind me I know I used my text pad to input codes all the time on my Xbox 360. Just released, Nyko’s Xbox One Type Pad is an affordable QWERTY keyboard that will attach right to your Xbox One controller.

Nyko Xbox One Type Pad

Of course it isn’t just keys like the old Xbox 360 version. There have been a few upgrades since we last saw our beloved chat pad. The keys on Nyko’s version light up in a green hue as they glow in the dark, which is great for you 4am gamers. A collapsible 3.5mm jack allows compatibility with both wireless Xbox One controllers (standard and Elite) too. For you lazy types (like me) there are even dedicated @ and .com buttons as well as an analog nub for quick navigation around the pad if your typing isn’t up to snuff.