Xbox One Controller Chargers Recalled on Account of Burning Hands

The Burning in Your Hands May Not Be a Result of Raging

In one of the most twisted realities that could be conjured by the anti-gaming imagination, the Energizer Bunny has gone rogue against Xbox One gamers. The manufacturer of the Energizer Xbox One 2x Smart Charger, PDP, is recalling its product on account of overheating, which is a huge let down for anyone who wants to play their Xbox one without smoldering their hands. This holster-and-battery-pack combo allegedly serves to hold and charge your Xbox One controller, but now is reported to overheat and cause pain. For this reason, PDP is recalling all such products from the market.

Xbox One controller charger

Currently, the company is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure every charger is out of homes and off shelves. Of course, consumers are being offered a full refund. Here’s how you can find out if your Smart Charger is corrupted: Check for the “Energizer” label and confirm whether it is code 048-052-NA listed. Then, begin the process of obtaining your refund. Simply check-in with PDP, but not with the retail distributor you purchased from (e.g. GameStop, BestBuy). Also, it might be a good idea to check if your Xbox One controller has been damaged as a result.

A bit of a horrifying revelation for some people, no doubt. Let us know your thoughts on this recall and whether you might have suffered from owning this charger. Approximately 121,000 have been sold, so there are some serious hazards out there. Stick around for more news as it comes. Beware, gamers.