Nyko’s Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Protects, Powers and Satisfies

Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Does It All

Back in January, Nyko announced the launch of Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch. This slick new accessory lets you conveniently store and charge your Nintendo Switch console while on the move. A case that charges and protects my Nintendo Switch console? How perfect is that? Well, the case is far from perfect but it is easily the best Switch case I’ve ever owned.

The Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch has an MSRP of $39.99 which on the surface might seem a bit steep but when you compare Nyko’s product compared to many others, it is actually pretty good bang for the buck. Mostly because of what it can do.

Out of the box, the Power Shell Case features a hard plastic shell and is pretty durable. I mean I didn’t slam it on the ground or stomp on it but the case is of good quality, has a simple little design and I didn’t have any worries when I packed the case in my luggage. But let’s face it, your primary reason for buying this case isn’t for its durability, you are picking up this sucker for its internal 5000 mAh battery that charges the Switch via the case’s stowaway Type-C charging cable.

Nyko Switch Case

We can all admit, the Switch’s battery life is the shits but this case allows you to essentially double the console’s battery life which is pretty cool. It works as advertised as well. The cable is around 2 feet so you can charge the console while playing or charge it up while it lays open on the case. The only downside, it does not charge the Switch while the case is closed. This is for safety reasons and to prevent overheating. Still, it would have been nice if it could have charged up the Switch while enclosed in the case but unfortunately this isn’t possible.

Another little annoyance is the Power Shell Case’s built-in fold-out stand for tabletop gameplay. Sounds great on paper but the stand doesn’t lock into place which is a bit annoying if you are traveling on a plane and hit a bit of turbulence. If you set it on a table, in a perfectly still environment, you won’t have any issues.

The case includes some nifty storage slots that store up to 12 games and four microSD cards. A great little feature and absolutely loved being able to bring my entire collection on the road. The case has some nice LED indicators that show the case’s charge levels, as it is always nice to know how much battery life you have left. Last but not least the case comes with a screen protector and a good quality cleaning cloth.

Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch

Overall, I would recommend picking up this case, especially if you don’t already have one for hauling your Switch around. Its ability to charge and protect your Switch should make it an instant buy for many. If you are someone who is on the road a lot or just need something that extends the battery life of your Switch while you are traveling, Nyko’s Power Shell Case is the right answer.

Power Shell Case Key Features:

  • Conveniently store and transport the Nintendo Switch console with one of the only hard shell cases on the market
  • Charge the Nintendo Switch during gameplay with the built-in 5000 mAh battery pack and stowaway USB Type-C cable
  • The fold-out kickstand lets you play in tabletop mode while charging your Nintendo Switch at the same time
  • Store up to 12 games and 4 microSD cards
  • Charge the Power Shell Case with the included Micro-USB charging cable