Unity Award Winner ‘Pulse’ Releasing to PC on Oct. 20th

Pulse_KeyArt_B (640x262)

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, and after receiving numerous awards and nominations (Best Student Game Unity Award at the Unite conference in Amsterdam, nominated for the Independent Games Festival’s Student Showcase award), the team at Pixel Pi is ready to release their debut game, Pulse. See the world through sound and guide protagonist Eva on one of the most unique journeys you’ll ever take.

In Pulse, you are Eva, a girl who lost her sight at a young age and must “see” the world through sound. Using this ability, and with help from the spirits of the forest, explore the forbidden paths once walked by your ancestors and discover the truth. Step into a world on the edge of collapse. Earthquakes shudder through the land, but why?

Releasing on October 20th, Pulse is looking to be one of the most imaginative games we’ve seen in a while. And those furry things?! I mean really, how cute are they?