Press X To Podcast: Episode 20 – Space Skyrim Makes my Pants Smaller

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 20

It may be just a little behind the times, but Press X To Podcast has arrived once again in video format for your listening pleasure! Those of you following us on your chosen Podcast medium will already have listened in to this very special Pre-E3 cast but for those of you just hearing it for the first time, welcome! This is actually a fun and rare opportunity to join Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Shawn Petraschuk as they discuss all things E3. We can join them and listen in to see what they predict will come out of E3 and see just how on point the Press X crew were!

With everything from discussing big releases at conferences, predicting Sony’s big pushes, and questioning Nintendo’s stability to keep up their base interest after already releasing both a Zelda and Mario game in the same year. James rips on the Final Fantasy VII remake team who were canned, Shawn unexpectedly leaves the podcast early, and Paul and James gush incredibly hard over the prospect of more Cyberpunk 2077 – maybe its a TCG! All this and a whole lot more – however without the Perfect List – is just a click away, so sit back and enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 20 – Space Skyrim Makes my Pants Smaller.

And there you have it folks, all of our Pre-E3 predictions for 2018! Which ones came true? Which ones were just hopeful pipe dreams? And which ones did we gravely miss out on? Let us know your thoughts on the cast on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

Press X To Podcast 1

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