Cheesing the Spider in the Latest Hunt: Showdown Gameplay Video

Hunt: Showdown Gameplay – Multi-Kills and Cheesing the Spider

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is poised to be a cerebral and shocking MMO, pitting players against one another with a minimal HUD, open world objectives, and horrific creatures in your path in the dark and murky swampland. You won’t know who – or what – you can trust, and judging by the footage coming out of Hunt: Showdown, that is exactly what this game needs. In our latest gameplay footage, COGconnected’s Garrett Drake shows off his greatly improved skills at hunting the deadliest game – man, as well as taking on a giant horrific spider! Check out the video below and enjoy!

Hunt: Showdown is a smaller sized open world MMO set in a swampland infested with zombie-like enemies and mutated horrors. The game supplies a series of objectives to level up and team together with your friends as you take on the terrifying population of the swamp, as well as other players. It’s a very large and ambitious step for Crytek but from what we can tell, it looks like it might just pay off. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out some of our earlier coverage where Garrett first got his hands on the game¬†and later when he went toe to toe with the Butcher!

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is currently in Early Access and is set for release exclusively on PC. For more information, check out the games official website.