Killing the Butcher in Hunt: Showdown is Creepy and a Blast

Hunt: Showdown Gameplay – Killing the Butcher

Crytek sought out to give us something unique, something authentically terrifying yet accessible, and from the look of it, they are poised to succeed with their latest title – Hunt: Showdown. The game is a hauntingly well crafted MMO set in a large scale rural area with a southern cowboy-like era. Your rifle is a single shot, your revolver only a few more, and otherwise you’ll rely on your trusty knife. The twist to this game is of course the supernatural. The area is corrupted with zombies and all manner of horrors as the player carries out a variety of missions and tries to survive the truly eerie landscape.

Words might not describe how well Hunt: Showdown is shaping up, so why not check out our latest gameplay video as we set out to take on The Butcher? Check it out below and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section.

Hunt: Showdown is a haunting, creepy, MMO where players will team up to complete tasks across an infected rural area full of zombies and other horrors. You’ll team up against the undead as well as other players set out on the same task, but beware: Hunt: Showdown features permadeath. Players will be able to customize their characters appearance and the developers have stated the maps will be randomly generated so no two missions will be the same. While no full release date has been announced yet, each time we get to see the game it just looks better and better.

Hunt: Showdown light at night

Hunt: Showdown is currently in Early Access and is set for release exclusively on PC. For more information, check out the games official website.