Dynasty Warriors 9 Video Review – A Wide Open World To Conquer

Dynasty Warriors 9 Video Review

The Dynasty Warriors series has been a mainstay of video games for a very, very, very long time. With its nine main entries in the series and numerous spin-off titles, Omega Force has been doing its best to feel out a new direction for Dynasty Warriors in recent years. We received the turn-based strategy game Dynasty Warriors Seekers, and we have the even more bizarrely fantastical Warriors Orochi series which saw characters across Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and other games brought into the fold.  With the series in danger of falling sour, Omega Force decided to up their game and venture into what feels like the most natural progression for the series: Open world. Dynasty Warriors 9 is that familiar experience we all know but with the added dimension of an open world and some minor RPG elements to compliment the hack and slash giant. How well does that work in practice? Check out our video review below to find out.

Dynasty Warriors 9 returns with an ever-growing cast of characters, this time reaching a total of 83 playable fighters on the roster. Veterans of the Dynasty Warriors series will easily find themselves at home with familiar faces and combat mechanics, but the latest iteration in the Dynasty Warriors series adds an open world for the first time, allowing players to explore and complete missions as they see fit. The game also implements more RPG elements including side quests and crafting to enhance your warrior of choice.

Despite these positive – and frankly, necessary advancements to the game – the game does suffer from a lack of scale in the towns – villages are smaller than they ought to be – and the expected repetitive nature of the hack and slash genre. What did you think of our video review? Have you already played Dynasty Warriors 9? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.