Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Preview – A Promising Multiplayer Experience

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Video Preview

With Dissidia Final Fantasy NT coming ever closer to release, the beta is currently open to give fans a taste of Square Enix’s latest title. With the developer on a role as of late with titles like Final Fantasy XV and NieR: Automata and the upcoming Lost Sphear and Project Octopath Traveler, the expectations for Dissidia are high. The series has a great reputation for its gameplay and rich lore across the Final Fantasy series, but being a port of an arcade game with some minor tweaks might not give the people what they are hoping for. Check out our video preview below and see for yourself as we take a closer look at Dissidia Final Fantasy NT during the open beta and what we think Square Enix needs to adjust before the game┬álaunches on January 30th:

When Ahmed previewed the game for COGconnected, he said: “The final thing I wanted to address is the unfortunate case of network problems. While I hope this is just a case of last-minute polish, there are severe issues when it comes to in-game performance and long wait times in queues. Some matches slow down to a slideshow and Square Enix really have to sort this out if they expect to have any semblance of an active community six months down the line. Dissidia NT has a long way to go in a few departments, but the fun I had in some of its high octane matches cannot be understated.”

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