Head Into the European Dead Zone with our Destiny 2 Gameplay Video

Destiny 2 Gameplay Footage – the European Dead Zone Explored

With Destiny 2 right around the corner, it’s no surprise everyone is clambering to learn more about the fate of the Traveler and the Guardians themselves after the total destruction of the Tower. While there has been some extremely successful beta testing in the past, it was also fairly limited in what players would be able to do. We got the opportunity to go hands on with Destiny 2 and learn more about the new European Dead Zone. Check out our gameplay video below as we explore the new setting and get a sneak peek at what Destiny 2 has in store.

Destiny 2 will see the Guardians searching for a new source of power as Dominus Ghaul – the Emperor of the Red Legion – assaults the Tower and believes the Traveler made a mistake granting the light to humanity. With this change brings all new classes and abilities to the much-loved video game including new weapon types (chain gun and grenade launcher), enhanced graphics, and far less repetitive side-quests known as Adventures. Our very own Garrett Drake even said, “The story based side quests serve as an exceptional tool in immersing players into the lore of each world and are capitalized by the core gameplay.” (You can find his entire hands on preview of Destiny 2 here.)

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Destiny has been a wholly unique experience to the gaming community since its initial launch in 2014. While it took a while for the game to get a full head of steam it has since become a highly recognizable game synonymous with multiplayer action, fast paced FPS combat, and its unique concept.

Destiny 2 is set for release on September 6th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be coming to PC October 24th.