Cuphead Video Preview – Contra for a New Generation with NO Konami Code

Cuphead Hands-On Video Preview

Looking at the visuals for this game, it’s hard to imagine it is actually one of the most difficult games to launch in recent history. With an already stellar reputation behind it, Cuphead looks to be one of the standout titles of 2017 for its challenging yet not insurmountable difficulty, its classic platforming style, and of course the jaw-dropping detail of recreating the vintage cartoon style us older gamers know and love. Hopefully, before young gamers beg their parents to buy them this game, they will have a chance to see our preview video below and realize that – for as fun and cartoony as it looks – the difficulty might not be for everyone. See what you think as Shawn Petraschuck goes hands-on with Cuphead.

Cuphead is an independently developed platforming shooter, notable both for its incredible difficulty and the stellar, hand-drawn 1930’s cartoon style of the game. The visuals are so stunning, in fact, be prepared to die several times over simply from being caught up in good old-fashioned nostalgia. In the game, players control Cuphead, who has lost a bet with the devil. Cuphead must then go on a quest to repay the debt and in so doing, take on a variety of increasingly difficult bosses. The game features a cooperative mode where a second player can jump in as Mugman and help in combat against boss battles.

Cuphead Balloon Boss (1280x720)

In our written preview, Shawn said: “Sure, Cuphead suffered some delays from when we first heard about it to release but according to Studio MDHR, they were fully focused on bringing their absolute best to life without exception. In an era where we see unfinished games popping up and taking your money without concern, it is refreshing to see a developer hold back and refrain from pushing unreasonable timelines. In the end, we’re going to be blessed with what might be the single most unique game of 2017. Releasing in just over a week on Xbox One and PC we certainly wish Studio MDHR the best of luck and can’t wait to get our hands on the final product.”

Cuphead is set to launch on September 29 and will be available for PC and Xbox One. For more on Cuphead, check out their official website.