Cuphead Deluxe Vinyl LP Soundtrack is a Magnificent Collection; Unboxing & Review Video

Cuphead Soundtrack LP Unboxing and Review

It’s fairly safe to say we all like a little extra. Given the option to get something more of what we love is a temptation, especially in the gaming community when there is an incredible amount of stickers, patches, figures, comics, and general knickknacks for almost every conceivable video game character.

Sometimes what you get is rather insignificant, something small for a profit, but luckily we have game developers who want to really sell you on the experience their game provides. Cuphead has been making waves since it was launched, and it has been met with widespread praise in all aspects. With a challenging difficulty, jaw-dropping art style, and inspired soundtrack, it was only natural for Studio MDHR to release Cuphead’s soundtrack on a four-disc vinyl collection in complete 1930’s style. Check out our unboxing video below to see what kind of fine detail went into the overall product and a small taste of that classic sound.

Cuphead is a platformer unlike any other, designed to be greatly challenging and highly rewarding. Inspired by the art style of 1930’s cartoons, the music is reminiscent of the big band era with lighthearted and comical tunes. Where the game really shines is its art, featuring an entirely hand-drawn presentation that makes it look and feel as if you are part of Saturday morning cartoons. Cuphead has been a widespread success, selling one million units in under two weeks. We here at COGconnected have had a blast with the game, giving it a 90/100, which you can see here.

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Cuphead is available now exclusively on PC and Xbox One, and is considered a top contender for game of the year by many. For more information on Cuphead, check out the games official website.