Game of the Year 2017 Awards – Shooter of the Year

COGconnected’s Best of 2017 Awards – Shooter of the Year

Overwatch, Battlefield 1, and Titanfall 2 were all front-runners for the best shooter of 2016. Going into 2017, we were not quite sure how this year’s crop of shooters was going to measure up. Yet, this past year featured quite a few gems including one amazingly innovative broken mess.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Ins2

This year several shooters stood out. Wolfenstein II certainly blew us away with fantastic sound effects and brilliant combat. The story is amazing, no question, but the combat is really something to behold, with so many ways to kill things and spectacular level design. Any game that involves mowing down Nazi’s is always good in our books, but Wolfenstein II is also more than that.

Despite all the backlash, Destiny 2 is another a solid 2017 shooter. No game captivated our attention so quickly. We legitimately lost sleep for weeks because we always figured we could do “just one more mission” into the wee hours of the morning.

While PUBG is a broken mess on Xbox One, it remains one of the more innovated shooters in the past decade. For that, it gets a mention in our shooter of the year and surprisingly received a fair share of votes for shooter of the year from the COGconnected crew.

Last but not least, Call of Duty: WWII gave COD fans and those that have walked away from the franchise a reason to come back. This throwback Call of Duty game is exactly what the franchise needed. It’s been 10-years since the series has been to World War II and the return is glorious. With a brutally engrossing and punishing, albeit short, single-player campaign and a stripped down multiplayer that remains as tight as ever, Call of Duty WWII gets back to the things that put the franchise on the map.

So which shooter came out on top? Watch our video to find out.

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