Game of the Year 2017 Awards – The Sexiest Digital Hero

COGconnected’s Best of 2017 Awards

2017 was an outstanding year for gamers. We cannot remember a year where gave three games a perfect 100 review score. Also, this year we didn’t seem to see many AAA games completely flop or launch completely broken. Yes, 2017 had its share of controversies with Battlefront 2’s microtransaction fiasco leading the pack but overall it was a great year for the industry. It was also a fabulous year for COGconnected as well. With an amazing crew of writers, editors, news writers and video team we have been able to cover more gaming related content than ever before. It was our best year yet and we could not do it with your support. So a big thank you to everyone who visits and supports us.

NieR: Automata Hero

With 2018 right around the corner, we decided to take the time to vote for the games that have stood out most for us this year. Similar to previous years, we had our entire team vote on various categories. Our team of 30+ writers voted on everything from the best game of the year and the worst, to the most visually stunning and the best voice acting. We try to cover as much as possible including some serious WTF moments.

So without further delay, check out our first video where we hand out our award for 2017’s sexiest digital hero:

In our upcoming videos we’ll cover categories including The Nolan Northy, The Worst Game of The Year and more so we hope you enjoyed this video and consider subscribing and following along on our journey.

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