5  Ways Nexon Can Bring Lawbreakers Back From the Dead

5 Ways Lawbreakers Can Still Be a Success

Last week, after just 7 months, Lawbreakers officially hit 0 concurrent players on Steam and this marks a significant problem for Nexon. While many have discussed why the first person shooter failed, there might just be a few ideas that can keep the game alive. Despite poor sales and an overall lack of buzz within the gaming industry since release, if Nexon acts now, they may be able to generate a little bit of success. After all, it seems like a waste of the developers time and money to just let the game die, right? Here are 5 things Nexon can do to bring Lawbreakers back from the graveyard.


5) New Content With Re-release 

Many have pointed to the release date of Lawbreakers as a huge reason it flopped, and while it is true that it’s hard to compete with games like PUBG and Destiny 2, Nexon may be able to generate some buzz right now. If Nexon was to either release a bunch of free content or revamp their game and re-release it in the coming months, it could have a bit more success than it did originally.

There are two different, yet similar ideas here. Nexon can release a bunch of content for free as an incentive for old and new players alike to jump into Lawbreakers. Although the price of the game remains the same, everyone will get a bunch of new content for free. This is similar to the free DLC content for Titanfall 2. The other option here is to re-release Lawbreakers with new and exciting content and all necessary bug fixes. Hell, even a more relaxed style of play, some new game modes, and a few more maps and characters would be a huge addition! Either way, Nexon would be giving players a whole lot more to get excited about!  If Nexon can do it soon, before any big game releases get in its way this time around, they may just be able to generate enough buzz to get more people involved.

4) Free-to-play with Cosmetic Microtransactions

If Nexon makes Lawbreakers free-to-play, those who have been on the fence or simply unwilling to spend the money on a game with a dying player base, will likely jump into the thick of it. Even with a small, but steady, increase in the number of people playing, it will be easier to find lobbies. And if it’s easier to find lobbies, maybe, just maybe, all those frustrated fans will come back to the game they love. After all, even if you want to, you can’t play a multiplayer game that no one else is.

Many in the industry have made it known just how much they hate microtransactions, and while it’s hard to justify a pay-to-win game, this is not what we’re talking about here. In an industry that sees a large majority of games with in-game purchases, Lawbreakers would stand to gain something from adding a bunch of cosmetic items for purchase if they made their unique shooter free-to-play. It would be silly to suggest this solution without a way for Nexon to make some kind of money in the process after all.  

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