5 Reasons Why ‘The Amazing Eternals’ Could Be Eternally Amazing

PAX West 2017: The Amazing Eternals

The latest shooter from Digital Extremes, developer of Warframe, recently changed titles from Keystone to The Amazing Eternals. The Amazing Eternals is a hero-based arena shooter with collectible card game elements. With a mashup of some of the most popular game mechanics today, does the game perform better than the sum of its parts? I had a look as well as a hands-on session with The Amazing Eternals at PAX West 2017 and came away very impressed. Here are five reasons that The Amazing Eternals could be good for a long time.


1 – Free to Play

Yes, the three magic words, The Amazing Eternals will be launching free to play, which will definitely help in terms of having more active players as well as an influx of new players. With such a low barrier of entry, anyone even remotely interested in the game can give it a try without having to invest anything more than their time. Though a free to play game, The Amazing Eternals does offer a founders pack as well as microtransactions for players looking to invest a bit more into the game, though that is optional.

The Amazing Eternals Top

2 – Collectible Card Game

While The Amazing Eternals is not an actual card game, it fuses collectible card game mechanics with the first person shooter genre, resulting in an intriguing mash-up of genres. What you get is essentially a hero shooter with decks of cards that determine weapons and abilities you get in-game. We all know the popularity of collectible card games, and The Amazing Eternals takes the addiction and joy of opening card packs and allows fans of the shooter genre to partake as well. With the collectible card element, the game can also be expanded a lot more than simply adding heroes and updating their abilities.

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