10 IPs That Would Make Great Telltale Games (That We’ll Probably Never See)

10 IPs That We Wish Telltale Could Tackle

Telltale Games has just recently released The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier, the third part of the series that arguably propelled Telltale Games into the spotlight. In addition to The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has also been hard at work on stories from other franchises ranging from Batman, Borderlands, and Minecraft to the recently announced Guardians of the Galaxy. Here, we will look at some franchises we would love to see Telltale Games work on that we probably never, ever will. This list does not take into account how realistic these options are, they are simply a list of titles we think fans of Telltale’s work would enjoy. Let’s get into it!


10 – Star Trek

The Star Trek franchise has legions of fans of various mediums and eras and a proper Star Trek Telltale series would stir up a lot of interest. With a variety of characters and casts to choose from, Telltale would be able to craft their story as they see fit; in fact, they could even come up with their own cast and adventures. Star Trek would certainly be an interesting series given the science fiction background and a focus on societies, characters, and decisions rather than all-out action.

Star Trek Telltale


9 – Mass Effect

Let’s jump right into another science fiction franchise with Mass Effect. With Mass Effect Andromeda on the horizon, fans could do with some additional storyline between Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda given the 600-year disparity. If Telltale Games would rather have a more focused directive rather than a blank slate, I’m sure fans of the series would have no issues with a story focused on Garrus’ time as Archangel. Given Mass Effect’s use of dialogue options, a Telltale series set in this universe would feel quite familiar.

Mass Effect Trilogy Top Screen


8 – Kick-Ass

It wouldn’t be much of a Telltale Games list without the inclusion of some comic book-related franchises. Like with all other franchises, Telltale Games could follow Kick-Ass himself or perhaps another group of vigilantes inspired by the Justice Forever group. This series would feature more action, but the graphics would fit in well with what Telltale has grown accustomed to. Telltale could also continue where the comics left off, as there seem to be more potential stories to be told.

Kick-Ass Telltale

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