Paul Sullivan

Kept you waiting, huh? Paul is fanatical about games, sports, and health, and is an ardent supporter of the oxford comma. He waxes poetic on Twitter @yvr_paul.

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Surviving Mars Review – Almost Ready For Liftoff

Like a lot of Paradox’s titles, Surviving Mars has a strong base that’s likely to blossom as updates roll out. There are plenty of rough patches, but Surviving Mars is a challenging city building experience for those willing to work to crack the surface, and is tremendously satisfying once you get there.

Into The Breach Review – Once More, Dear Friends

As the follow up to critical darling FTL, Into The Breach has big shoes to fill. It wears them like a boss with tighter, more engaging gameplay, and killer soundtrack, and the ability to drain an afternoon in no time. It may not be as content dense, but it’s a damn good time.

The 10 Most Emotional Games Ever

Every week, the Press X To Podcast crew come up with a perfect list right off the top of our heads. In Episode 8, we talked about all the games that have made us feel feelings in our cold, dead hearts. At the end, we had a definitive list of the 10 most emotional games ever made.