Possible ‘Hitman 2’ Image Hints At Race Track Mission

The Next Hitman Game Could Feature An Old Client

Update (1:07 PM): The official Hitman Twitter account appears to have confirmed our reporting:

Original Story:

The existence of a sequel to the 2016 hit Hitman has already been leaked but an image from an official WB Games tweet hints at a race track mission involving an old client being in Hitman 2. The image can be viewed below!

Hitman 2

Credit should be given to the Hitman subreddit for spotting this!

You’ll notice that the brand name on the side of the race car seen in the WB Games tweet says “Ether”. Ether was a client that Hitman series protagonist Agent 47 was contracted to work for in the Sapienza, Italy level of the first season of Hitman.

In that mission, Agent 47 assassinated two targets for Ether: Silvio Caruso & Francesca De Santis. The pair were scientists who were developing a virus for Ether that could be used to covertly assassinate world leaders.

Ether was also involved in the “Patient Zero” bonus campaign that came out for Hitman last year. One of the targets in that campaign was another scientist that worked for Ether.

It seems like Ether will still be a major player in Hitman’s story but this is currently unconfirmed. The announcement stream that WB Games will be hosting is scheduled for 10 AM PST/5 PM GMT on Thursday.