Boss Key’s New Game Revealed, Will Be Out Tomorrow

Radical Heights Is A Bright, BMX-Heavy 80’s Themed Battle Royale

Boss Key, the studio behind Lawbreakers, has revealed their next project, a free-to-play Battle Royale title called Radical Heights. It looks loaded with 80’s glitz and glamour, and it’s coming out tomorrow. Wait, really? Man, those guys didn’t waste any time at all.

Radical Heights

If you’re keeping track, Boss Key announced that they were moving on to their next project last week. Now we have a name and a trailer, and tomorrow we’ll have the game! Everyone was pretty sure that Lawbreakers was getting put on the back burner. The game’s player count dropped with terrifying speed shortly after launch, and it seemed like nothing could get it to rise again. A new project was all but inevitable. Yet, this still feels crazy fast.

In actuality, the team has been working on the game for five months. Which again, is ludicrous. Compared to the extended gestation phase that Lawbreakers had, this is a game release handled at breakneck speed. Radical Heights has all the hallmarks of a proper Battle Royale game, complete with in-game transactions and a tantalizing price tag. Wrap it all up in that 80’s sheen we’ve come to salivate over and Boss Key might have themselves a hit this time around. You can check out the trailer below, and the game when it comes out tomorrow. Let’s hope this one makes a bigger impact than Lawbreakers.