Graffiti and Stealth Join Forces in Vandals Next Month

Gotta Tag ‘Em All!

There’s a certain element of danger in graffiti. Yes it’s rather cool, but what happens if you get caught producing your latest work? Vandals looks to explore this sense of risk, challenging you to sneak past cameras, dogs and police officers in order to put up your street-level masterpieces.


Set up like a third-person puzzle game, you must navigate an increasingly-complex series of stages in order to get to your designated tagging spot, do the deed and escape. Along the way, you’ll learn about the work of real-life graffiti artists from around the world and how their work fits into the local culture. Vandals will be an excellent opportunity to learn about some of the best graffiti artists from places like New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Paris. You’ll also be able to share your own creations on social media.

The game is set for release on April 12th on Steam, iOS and Android. There’s a trailer below. It’s a bit brief, although it successfully showcases the movement and stealth mechanics at work here. Personally, this holds a lot more appeal than actually spray-painting public property, although maybe I’m too much of a wuss for such things.

SOURCE: Press Release