Potential Steam Competitor Changing Things With BlockChain

Robot Cache Looking To Change Things For Gamers And Developers

Cryptocurrency is huge right now. Digital games are also pretty huge right now. Robot Cache is looking to blend the two together in order to become a potential Steam competitor. How do you compete with Steam? by letting users re-sell digital games, of course!

steam competitor robot cache

Normally, this would be super duper impossible, but blockchain technology that I barely understand may provide a way. Essentially, blockchain tech can provide every digital game with a unique signature, one that allows ownership of that game to change. For those of you with a hundred untouched games in your Steam library, this could be a bright future. I mean, not for your current purchases. Those are chained to Steam forever. But, any games bought with this system would be actual commodities!

In addition, Robot Cache has its own cryptocurrency, known as IRON. You can earn this currency either by selling games or by… playing them? You can opt-in to mine IRON while playing games, which seems both potentially profitable and incredibly draining in terms of computer power. Finally, just like any other cryptocurrency, your IRON supply can be cashed out for real dollars. If this YouTube thing stops being profitable, maybe this will be the next way people make money while they play games? The service is set to launch later this year.

SOURCE: Press Release