Next Up Hero Closed Beta Is Now Live – Here’s How You Can Get In

Fight, Die, and Help Your Friends Survive

Now’s the time to partake in DIgital Continue’s original IP, Next Up Hero. Here’s a 2D action game in the vein of the classic arcade, where friends switch places amidst impossibly hard levels. In Next Up Hero, players will continue the tradition of picking up the controller and fighting where fellow players died. The game mechanics are built around this experience.

Next Up Hero

From swords to guns to rockets, Level Up Hero is designed around the concept of failure. Players who get pwned in the ridiculously hard and awesome level design can be succeeded by friends or other random weirdos. The goal is to do a little better each time and get as far as possible. The odds are stacked against you from the beginning, except it’s not really a failure since: if one of your successors succeeds, then you all succeed. Choose from a fun selection of characters and get to championing the player that came before you.

And there’s no better time than the beta to test Next Up Hero’s unique and addictive gameplay. Since this is a closed beta, however, keys are limited. They’re all the more limited since the beta already started. But, we have 100 keys to give away if you follow COGconnected on Twitter. Check us out by clicking here. Once you’re in the beta, you’ll find yourself in a unique position to purchase the game.

You have until January 11 to experience the beta—the same day it hits Steam Early Access. Beta players who purchase the game before it reaches Early Access will receive a 50% discount. You read that right – A 50% discount. Moreover, all your stats, progress, and in-game currency will carry over to the full game. No love lost.

Again, you’ll have a chance at obtaining your own beta key if you find us on Twitter. Then, you can check back for more gaming news, reviews, and ridiculous deals.

Happy gaming.