SUPERHOT Expansion, Mind Control Delete, Hits Steam Early Access Tomorrow

SUPERHOT Expansion Will Add All-New Gameplay Systems

A standalone expansion called Mind Control Delete for SUPERHOT has been revealed, and it will add a rogue-like twist to the slow-motion action game. According to the SUPERHOT Team, it’s approximately a year away from release but players can participate starting tomorrow through Steam Early Access.

In Mind Control Delete, players are forced through various gameplay challenges that will increase in difficulty. Completing each challenge will not only make you more powerful but will “bring you closer to deciphering the secrets hidden from you by the system.” More powerful abilities and playable characters will also be unlocked.

The current build of the expansion will introduce a few of the brand new gameplay systems such as:

  • First 2 playable MINDS, each with its own unique ability and gameplay modifiers
  • A kaleidoscope of the first dozen new gameplay levels that mix into the first few dozen combat challenges
  • New animation and AI systems to drive new weapons, abilities, and enemy types
  • Hitpoint system and power-up store to give you that extra oompf needed to crush your enemies and see them driven before you
  • Procedural rogue-like run generation baked into the core gameplay loop, enabling us to tell longer, more complex stories and deliver tons more of satisfying skill-based gameplay

SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete screen

The developers are warning that Mind, Control, Delete is still very early in development and that those expecting a polished, full-fledged expansion should simply wait until it is out of Early Access. They are encouraging those who want to help guide development to join and to get their name in the credits.

Owners of the original SUPERHOT on Steam will receive Mind Control Delete for free when it is complete. It will also be free for anyone that buys it while in Early Access development. There have been no details whether or not the expansion will come to consoles.

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