There May Be More Cuphead Content On the Way

Cuphead Could Be Getting Xbox One X Visual Enhancements

As much as we enjoyed pea-shooting our way through the hard-as-nails campaign in Cuphead, it sounds like new content and updates may be in the works.

A recent live stream for the Xbox One X launch has hinted that the developers, Studio MDHR, aren’t exactly done with Cuphead yet. Producer Maja Moldenhauer revealed that Mugman may be playable in the single-player campaign in a future update. Mugman is Cuphead’s co-op partner and can only be played by the second player. Exactly how this will affect gameplay if any, is unclear or it may just be a simple palette swap. Skip to 1:13:20 in the video above to see the actual interview with Moldenhaur.

Moldenhauer also went on to say that the dev team is looking into boosting the resolution to take advantage of the Xbox One X’s visual capabilities. However, due to Cuphead’s unique art style and hand-drawn animation, everything would have to be done from scratch. A native 4K Cuphead will certainly be magical to witness, but it’s an already gorgeous game on 1080p displays. In our opinion, we’d love if Studio MDHR could dedicate their time and resources to new game content or on a possible sequel.

Cuphead Balloon Boss (1280x720)

Here’s what we said about the game in our review: “Cuphead impressed me in every facet, from its beautiful art style to its challenging gameplay. Studio MDHR clearly put a ton of love and time into every little detail in this game, and the entire package pays off that effort in a fantastic and challenging experience. Cuphead is an indie darling that pulls you in with its cartoony graphics and keeps you there with its engaging gameplay, a blast from multiple pasts that’s worth the trip to yesteryear.”

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