Get Murdered By Freddy Kreuger With Newest Dead By Daylight Update

 Nightmare On Elm Street Update Is Out Now

Freddy Kreuger was a pretty scary dude way back in the day. His first few films in the Nightmare on Elm Street series spooked a whole generation of impressionable moviegoers. Then he started showing up in rap videos and his edge was dulled somewhat. Tragic, really. Now you can relive that shining moment in history with Dead By Daylight!

Dead By Daylight Freddy Kreuger Nightmare on Elm Street

This asymmetrical horror game lets you do more than just be scared and/or dead in a variety of settings. You can also take on the killer’s role and get some scary murder in yourself! In other words, this is your chance to be the best Freddy Kreuger you possibly can be. Put that horror movie knowledge to work and start slaying teenagers in style.

The update in question is out right now on Xbox One and PS4 for $7.99. Not a bad price for a chance to make Freddy scary and cool again. Seriously, have you seen that music video? It’s a lot of things, but scary isn’t one of them. If you’re not interested in wielding the hat and glove, you can also play as the newest survivor, Quentin. Being stalked by Freddy has given him a terrible pill and energy drink habit, meaning death is already coming for this dude. You want a heart attack? Because this is how you get heart attacks.

SOURCE: Press Release