EA Says Star Wars Battlefront II Is One of the Best Games They’ve Ever Made

EA Says Star Wars Battlefront II Is One of Their Best Games

Despite all of the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, specifically the loot box fiasco, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen has recently said that their latest title is one of the best games they’ve ever made.

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Electronic Art’s CFO Blake Jorgensen talked about Battlefront II during the Credit Suisse 21st Annual Technology conference, stating that they’ve received positive feedback from those players currently playing the game. “The great news is, this is one of the best games we’ve ever built. And we’re hearing that from the players who are actually playing the game and engaging in the game. The retention day over day is better than we’ve seen in almost any of our games, the depth of the game is incredible, the size of the game unbelievable, and we’ll be adding in the next couple of weeks more content than we’ve ever added in a game before.”

There are those that would vehemently disagree with his statement including the 60,000 that have already signed the petition asking for EA’s rights to the Star Wars franchise be revoked. With that said, there are some basing their opinion on the loot box and “pay to play” that may not have actually played the game themselves. The controversy began before many even had knowledge about how good or bad the multiplayer or campaign was, and how the progression in the game actually worked. Even though the user score on Metacritic for Star Wars Battlefront II is the lowest of this entire console generation, the game has received relatively positive reviews.

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Jorgensen also said that there will be “all sorts of new gameplay” coming to Star Wars Battlefront II when Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes to theatres worldwide. Hopefully this will have a positive impact, as a new report has revealed that EA’s stock fell by 8.5 percent in November, with a total loss of $3.1 billion in shareholder value.

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