Get Real Messy with GUTS This Halloween

Demo for Upcoming Fighting Game GUTS Available Now

Bloody fighting games are cool, funny fighting games are cool, why not a fighting game that’s somehow both? GUTS is an upcoming brawler from Flux that aims to be both disgusting and hilarious. Don’t let missing limbs stop you from winning the day!


Unlike some other fighting games, you’ve got no timers or health bars. Instead, you’ve got a limited number of limbs. Lose all of those and the fight is over! Clearly. I mean, barring a Monty Python Black Knight scenario, four missing extremities means the fight is pretty much finished. Down to only one arm, though? Well, it’s still anyone’s game at that point.

Curious players can download the demo right now. The demo build features three different fighters, which is mostly enough to get a feel for what kind of game GUTS is. Beyond enemy blades, you can also play on stages fraught with environmental hazards. The game is set for release on October 31st, which is perfect, right? Like, what better day to pick up a game heavily featuring fountains of blood and flying limbs?

SOURCE: Press Release