Echo Comes to PS4 This Week

The PC Game Where You Teach the AI to Kill You Arrives for PS4 on October 11

One of the cooler games last month was Ultra Ultra’s Echo on PC which revolves around one badass mechanic: the enemy AI’s behavior is modeled after your most recent actions. Players who are prone to trigger-happy bursts will find themselves in a shoot-out whereas stealthier players will find the enemies crouching around to get the jump on you.


The game’s story isis focused on En, voiced by Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie, who is on a mission to bring back a person who’s been dead for almost a century. To do this, En will traverse The Palace, an immaculate fortress with one killer high-tech security system. It’s here where the game shines as each room in The Palace will feature a host of AI clones of En that will mimic certain actions she takes: crouching, running, shooting, melee attacks, etc. That said, there’s a limit to how much the enemies learn as The Palace shuts down during periodic Blackouts to patch in new info to its guards. Thus, it’ll only retain the information between each Blackout. Check out the PS4 gameplay trailer below.

Echo was released for PC in September but will be ported to PS4 on October 11th. The game has gotten some rave reviews and is worth checking out if you’re in the market for some innovative game mechanics.

Store: PlayStation Blog