Review Site, Open Critic, Starts Initiative Against Loot Boxes

Open Critic Is Looking for Ways to Review Company Business Models

Microtransactions, pay-to-win, loot boxes, all of these things are affecting the gaming industry, and people are reacting differently. While many gamers have nothing against them, others see them as wholly detrimental. Which is why we’re seeing the subject brought up again and again. Instead of simply talking about it, however, review aggregation website, Open Critic is taking a stand.

The last quarter of 2017 alone is witnessing several triple-A titles with microtransactions. Probably not a bad thing in and of itself, but the implementation has caused a bit of a disparity between the user and reviewer feedback. Hence, Open Critic is looking for ways to account for microtransactions in their game reviews. They delivered their new idea via tweet.

Since loot boxes have gotten to a point where they can affect the game experience, Open Critic is looking for better ways to factor them into review scores. Theoretically, this means that the developer’s mode of implementing loot boxes in IPs could lead to bad or unblemished ratings.

Whatever people’s opinions on loot boxes, it will be interesting to see the solution for grading their use in games. Does the game’s economy rely on them too much? Does the experience feel like a grind without them? Perhaps this initiative will float some transparency our way.

What are your thoughts on loot boxes in games? Do you have any ideas for incorporating business models into a review? Comment down below, and don’t be afraid to let Open Critic know your thoughts, too. Until next time,

Happy gaming.