Middle-earth: Shadow of War Removes Microtransactions in Latest Update

A Multitude of Fresh, New Changes for Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The online market and microtransaction system in Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been completely removed, it has been announced today. A new patch has begun to roll out on Steam and will most likely hit Xbox One and PS4 in the coming days.

Shadow of War Top 2

After the patch has been installed, orcs that have been recruited through Online Vendettas and Ranked Conquests will now be stored in the Garisson. In-game Mirian will now be used to train, upgrade, and customize your army.

While the removal of microtransactions is a welcome change, that’s not the only change being made to the game. Developer Monolith has also made changes to a number of areas including the campaign experience and post-game content. There’s also new player skins and “hundreds of other improvements.”

Monolith is renaming the post-campaign to Epilogue, dropping the Shadow Wars name altogether. It’s now more streamlined and includes narration from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion. Players can earn new rewards like the Masks of the Nazgûl while also unlocking powerful new abilities to raise the dead, curse enemies and summon more powerful monsters. Even after the credits have rolled, players can continue to upgrade and defend their fortresses. Cool!

In addition to that, the follower level-cap has been raised to 80 and the enemy Captain level-cap to 85. It’s now easier to level up and gain XP through Nemesis Missions, defeating Captains and Online Conquests. There are also improvements to the Nemesis system like more Legendary Orc encounters, more ways to get Training Orders, and followers can even send gifts to players.

Lastly, the new update brings about new Prestige Skills as well as new player skins including Celebrimbor, Dark Eltariel, and Baranor.

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SOURCE: Press Release