Destiny 2: New Raid Details Possibly Leaked for Leviathan

A Different Kind of Destiny Raid

With the arrival of Destiny 2 comes the promise of non-stop, high-octane combat and discovery. Thanks to the variety of worthwhile content, players have already invested many hours into the new world and story Bungie has created. There may be an even better, new experience to look forward to in the next raid, however.

According to a Reddit leak, one user who has playtested Destiny 2 gave several new details worth noting. They come as follows, without spoiling anything. If the info is to be believed, the raid starts out on Earth and transitions into outer space. Furthermore, it includes cut-scenes and adds to the game’s lore with direct references to the game’s major entities. Moreover, there is a ship-flying portion.

Additionally, the raid will supposedly involve multiple waves of enemies. As players transition into different areas, they will find puzzles, different tasks, and “epic music.” You can say, it will offer a lot of gameplay variation. Probably why the alleged tester also said, “It’s the most technical of any Raid so far.” And in addition to all this, the loot/gear players receive is supposed to be fantastic. Of course, since this is all unconfirmed we must take everything with a grain of salt.

Like many good raids, Leviathan will include surprises. If you don’t care to avoid those surprises and spoilers, you can view the Reddit link provided. Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will arrive for PC on October 24. Look forward to more news and updates.

Happy gaming.