Dragon Con 2017 Cosplay Video Features Incredibly Talented and Sexy Cosplayers

Dragon Con 2017 Cosplay Video 

If you have visited COGconnected over the past year, you know we love cosplay. Yesterday, we posted some spectacular cosplay from PAX West taken from our crew that attended the convention. Now, we generally post pictures of brilliant and sexy cosplay (just like this collection of body paint cosplay) but this time we thought we would share with you a stunning video we came across today. This video is from MLZ Studios. They attended Dragon Con 2017 and put together a terrific video that captures some unbelievably hot cosplay from the show.

Dragon Con Featured

MLZ Studios are known for their fantastic cosplay videos and frequently attend big conventions. They always manage to capture a wide range of the cosplayers showing off their creations and favorite poses. The costumes on display in this video are simply amazing. Their YouTube channel is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

We post a ton of cosplay pictures but today we thought we would share with you a video from Dragon Con 2017. That being said, we have shared many cosplay photos from other conventions such as these photos from the RPG convention:

Role Play Convention 2017 2

Role Play Convention 2017 10

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