Code Vein’s Weapons Don’t Degrade

Code Vein Will Have Five Weapon Types Which Includes a Bayonet

The upcoming Code Vein, Bandai Namco’s answer to Dark Souls, showcased some gameplay mechanics that are promising and sheds plenty of grief I’ve had with FromSoftware’s infamously hard title which created a genre. IGN has continued their month-long coverage of the title with a new video that focused on the game’s weapon system.

The five weapon types in the game are one-handed swords, two-handed swords, halberd and pole-type weapons, two-handed hammers, and bayonets. Each weapon has their own drawbacks and edge for winning the battle. The bayonet offers long-range attacks, in addition to its melee attack, while the heavier weapons serve up huge damage at the cost of invulnerability time during evasion and a loss of movement and evasion speed. Like Ddark Souls, you can swap weapons on the fly too!


Some departures from Dark Souls, the weapons will not degrade or break which is a huge plus. Besides that, the weapons are found in the field or given by companions. Thus, it might not drop from enemies which kills the need to grind battles for a particular weapon drop. Like Dark Souls, you’ll upgrade weapons with material and experience points at a weaponsmith at a base which you can return to from any checkpoint. Moreover, the developer also talked about how certain builds in Dark Souls lock the player out of the magic system while Code Vein characters can always use Gifts (the game’s ability system) and you can bring up to eight Gifts into battle. That sounds like another improvement to me as the diversity in builds will come from the Gifts you select as opposed to having a build that’s Gift-oriented. Lastly, the game’s companions which join your adventure will have their own set weapons that cannot be changed.

Code Vein is scheduled for a 2018 release for PC, PS4, and Xbox in 2018.

Source: IGN