GameStop Is Testing a Subscription That Lets You Swap Unlimited Used Games

One Subscription for All the Used Games You Can Play

Imagine going to GameStop and finding a used game that you want to play. Now imagine doing it over and over again, discovering any used game and taking it home without paying. But you are paying; except, instead of paying for each individual game, you’re paying a monthly subscription.

GameStop subsidiary EB Games is, presently, in a trial period whereby regular customers can swap used, in-store games. Some might describe it as a walk-in Netflix. The service is only available in southern Austrailia and comes at the monthly subscription cost of $19.95 AUD. Initially, this  “Swap ‘n’ Play” service only included games priced $50 AUD and under. However, the restriction has since been lifted. As a result, any game that is pre-owned (no matter how old or new) is available for swapping.

As noted by, a used copy of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy goes for $58 AUD on the retailer’s website; even recent releases near retail value are available. Hence, theoretically, even a triple-A title may be available within its week of release.

EB issued a statement about the recent change:

“We created Swap ‘n’ Play to add value for our regular customers, especially parents. Over school holidays it’s not unusual for families to be in and out our doors finding new games to play. Swap ‘n’ Play allows for a hassle-free and more affordable shop.

“The service is for our EB World members and is entirely receipt-free. It’s just $19.95 a month and after 2 months customers can cancel at any time.”

Apparently, the service was met with positive community feedback. Despite the positive reception, however, there are no plans to implement this subscription anywhere else. Nonetheless, we are curious. Would you opt for a pre-owned subscription service like the one at EB Games? Let us know in the comments below.