Elden Ring’s Retail Listing Reveals Graphic & Performance Modes

Elden Ring’s Listing on GameStop Revealed It’s Getting Graphic & Performance Modes

Elden Ring fans have long been waiting for the game to finally be launched to the gaming market. Although it is a bit more of a wait, fans are thankful that the game has finally been tied to an official release date of February 25th.

elden ring quality and performance modes

Between now and then, Elden Ring devs, Bandai Namco and From Software, will be rolling out further information about the much-awaited Elden Ring. One particular key detail that was seemingly leaked to the gaming community is that it will feature both Graphic and Performance visual modes—at least, for PlayStation 5 consoles.

This leak surfaced as part of the recently published information about Elden Ring’s Collector’s Edition. Its listing on GameStop for its PS5 version included a list of planned features that are coming to the highly anticipated RPG. These discovered features include confirmation for a Graphic Mode and also for a Performance Mode—both can be observed under the Enhanced Experience heading. As described in the listing, these Elden Ring options will offer a more personalized experience “using the power of new generation of consoles.”

The game’s Graphic Mode will be prioritizing resolution and will expectedly offer up to 4K. This seems to imply that there is a dynamic resolution at work, which, in turn, will also have a 30fps target. The Performance Mode, on the other hand, will be prioritizing frame rate and is expected to offer up to 60fps, and is likely going to drop resolution significantly. However, it must be noted that since there is still no final technical analysis of the finished game, exact specifications of these modes remain unclear.

It must also be noted that Elden Ring fans may want to take this information with a grain of salt. Although GameStop’s retail listing for Elden Ring is most likely provided by the devs, things can still change. Fans are simply waiting for Bandai Namco to make the announcement so these two modes for Elden Ring become official.

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