Salty Gamers Throw a Fit over Delay of Dating Sim ‘Dream Daddy’

Some Fans Not Taking the Delay Well Online

Gamers who were anticipating yesterday’s release of father-effer sim, Dream Daddy, will have to keep their daddy dating as dreams a little longer. A co-creator, Vernon Shaw, relayed the sad news on Twitter that the developers encountered some late-game bugs that forced an executive decision to delay the game until the game’s more in-line with the developers’ vision of the game.

Dream Daddy

Game Grumps who also helped to create the game chimed in as well.

While the delay happened at the last possible moment, the note above shows that the decision was not made lightly. Some fans of the game have cried out against this on Twitter, saying that the developers were able to stream the game earlier in the week, but didn’t focus on bug-squashing. One even went as far as saying they’ll be pirating the game in utter disgust. Yikes!

It’s a downer to hear that there is still such a large disconnect between gamers and the process of making a game at times. Game development can be unpredictable, as Dream Daddy‘s delay shows, thus, it’s easy to see how plans can go bust. Of course, I can understand the disappointment as well that the delay was announced on the day’s release, but I hope gamers would have enough to decency to know that the people making your games, are after all, human.

Most of all, I hope the game developers will get plenty of rest.