The Plan for Destiny 3 – Game Director Luke Smith’s Ultimate Direction

Before Destiny 2 Arrives, There Are Already Plans for the next Game

We’re hot on the heels of Destiny 2, part of a franchise that may continue for an eternity. And speaking to GQ UK at E3, Luke Smith gave us some insight into the title’s impending direction. After sharing his passion for watches, here’s what he had to say.


Luke Smith and the gang are already thinking beyond Destiny 2. Apparently, there’s a lot more they feel they can do that won’t be in the next installment. Particularly, they want their next game to define the “Social Action Shooter,” which is what Destiny 3 will look like.

“When the team and I get to working on game three,” said Smith, “we want to own the statements ‘Other Players Matter’ and ‘The Social Action Shooter.’ When game three comes out, that’s where we’re going.”

Judging by Smith’s words, Destiny will keep evolving until Bungie runs out of ideas. When asked how he felt about their current situation, he said they could do more. Destiny 2 doesn’t yet encompass everything devs want to have in their game:

“I think that we haven’t capitalized on the opportunity or the potential,” Smith continued. “The team has so many ideas that we’re not yet doing. Destiny is this amazing canvas that I feel pretty privileged that I get to have a brush to paint on. But I think that we haven’t yet taken our corner.”

Thus, Destiny 2 is like a stepping stone for Bungie’s ambition. With everything they’ve included thus far, there’s still more to be done. Unfortunately for them and the fans, the plan won’t be fulfilled in one iteration. Eventually, we’ll see a game that epitomizes their two-fold goal of ‘Other Players Matter’ and ‘The Social Action Shooter.’ If Destiny hasn’t reached that goal yet, it’s hard to imagine what the final achievement will look like.

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