PS4 Pro to Run Destiny 2 at 4K but Bungie Can’t Say the Same for Xbox One X

Developers Need Time before They Can Make the 4K Promise

Bungie did Sony a solid and confirmed that the PS4 Pro will run Destiny 2 at 4K resolution. So far, it is the only console that will include this feature. When asked about the Xbox One, Community Manager Deej couldn’t make the same promise.

Destiny 2

The Xbox One X just launched. Offering itself up as “the most powerful console in the world,” many gamers don’t imagine it playing Destiny 2 without 4K. But here’s what Deej had to say:

“We confirmed 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro, have not made any promises about Scorpio (Xbox One X) as of yet. It’s very recent development they just announced two days ago, so we are working behind the scene to see what it’s future holds for us and these are announcements that will make [sic] at some point in time.” 

Bungie is not ignoring 4K support for the Xbox One X, and it might arrive at some point in the future. Destiny 2 arrives on September 6th for console and October 24 for PC. Since the Xbox One X launches on November 7, developers might manage the 4K upgrade by then. Even so, Director Luke Smith has confirmed that the game will only run at 30 fps. Why not 60 fps? We don’t know.

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