The Paladins Beta Hits PS4 and Xbox One, so Now We Got a Console War

No Better Way to Celebrate a Shooter Than to Wage War

The Paladins open beta has officially hit PS4 and Xbox One. And to celebrate, Hi-Rez Studios is setting up a true console war between top players.


Paladins is a unique online shooter and one of the top games released last year. As 2016’s most downloaded new game on steam, it has accumulated 8.5 million online players. The playerbase is huge and just got bigger, now that PS4 and Xbox One players are in on the action.

Currently, the game has a roster of 24 characters. With additional customization options, each character has their own skill set for offense and defense; basically, playstyle relies on the player. We expect even more variety as time goes by.

With the beta’s arrival, Hi-Rez is offering console players a chance to compete for ultimate bragging rights. In other words, hellfire is about to rain down. But not only are PS4 and Xbox One players competing for bragging rights, players on their respective consoles will earn a trip to DreamHack Valencia in Spain. From there, top players will compete for a share of the $50,000 Paladins Console Wars. All you have to do is be awesome.

Starting May 20th, anyone can participate in the open bracket qualifiers. After it ends on June 25th, the best players from North America and Europe will reach DreamHack and battle for their favorite console. So go download Paladins now; it’s free. To sign up for Xbox, click here. To sign up for PS4, you can click right here.

You can still opt for the Founder’s Pack available on PS4 for $26.95 and Xbox One for $29.95. By downloading, you unlock all characters.

What are your thoughts on this console war hosted by Hi-Rez? Yearning to participate? Let us know in the comments down below.