Starcraft Gold Master Source Code Disc Returns Home after 20 Years

Blizzard’s Long Lost Starcraft Gold Master Source Code Disc Returns Home after Nearly 20 Years

Unbeknownst to 32-year-old Hector Solorzano, who was casually purchasing a $44 dollar game lot off of eBay, the long lost Starcraft Gold Master Source Code disc containing the source code for Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft was falling right into his hands. The lot itself contained a grab-bag of games and items surrounding the Blizzard franchises, including World of Warcraft, Diablo, “plus more.”That “plus more” ended up being items that weren’t included in the pictures that once belonged to Blizzard Entertainment, and had also been lost for nearly 20 years.

Starcraft Gold Master Source Code Disc

At the beginning of April, Solorzano posted a picture of the of the disc on Instagram, claiming he’d never seen anything like it before. You can see the original post below:

Hmm… never seen something like this before.

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Of course, offers for the item came flooding into his inbox, with bidders wanting to pay $2,000 and up for the item. Although people were willing to pay more than a pretty penny for the disc, Solorzano didn’t cave in. Meanwhile, over Reddit, Blizzard personally contacted him with a request for the disc, and he later received a call from their lawyer who, again, just asked if they could have the disc back. Solorzano couldn’t say “no” knowing it was the property of Blizzard Entertainment, so he happily returned the disc back it to its rightful owner.

Overall, it was a happy ending. Blizzard was reunited with their source code for Starcraft and Solorzano was rewarded heavily by Blizzard for helping return the long-lost golden disc. In return, he ended up getting multiple free titles of Blizzard games, $250 in credits, an all-expenses paid trip to Blizzcon, and was even invited out for drinks on the house. But that’s not even all, they sent him this huge goodie bag of merchandise in the mail:

Blizzard sent me some real life loot