505 Games Will Publish Remedy Entertainment’s New Game Codenamed “Project 7”

505 Games Contributing €7.75 Million in Development Funding and Providing Marketing and Publishing Services for Project 7

Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Max Payne (1 and 2), Alan Wake,  and the ambitious tv-game hybrid, Quantum Break has announced via a press release that they have signed with 505 Games, to enter a new worldwide PC and console publishing agreement together for a brand new game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, including Steam, across both digital and retail versions. The un-revealed game bears the codename, “Project 7.” It’s important to note that a Remedy game has not appeared on a Sony console since 2003 with Max Payne 2.

505 Games is investing €7.75 million ($8.45 million) into Project 7 and is not a new Max PayneAlan Wake, or Quantum Break either. In return, Remedy will receive 45% of net sales as part of the deal. The upcoming game is a new IP built with the Northlight engine which also powered Quantum Break too.

Besides that, the press release notes that this game will be in-line with the studio’s strengths as it is described as:

The new game, codenamed “Project 7” (P7) is a cinematic third person action game set in a new Remedy-created universe. Featuring an intriguing story and a game structure offering a long-lasting experience, P7 contains the deepest game mechanics yet in a Remedy game.

Lofty words, for sure, but hopefully we’ll get more details of this project at E3 2017.