Smite 2 Announced at SWC Keynote

The Next Battleground 

The battleground of the gods is headed towards the future. This future is even better looking. After a decade of the most deity filled clashes, a sequel is on the horizon. Today, Hi-Rez Studios is overjoyed to announce the long-awaited sequel to its hit MOBA, Smite, at the Smite World Championship keynote. Announced alongside some big announcements for Smite Season 11, Smite 2 is bringing a true sequel to the MOBA with changes to everything from visuals to gameplay. Fortunately, this announcement is not indicating the end of Smite 1. A beautiful new trailer gives fans of the game a taste of what is to come. 

Smite 2

 Smite 2 is making the leap from the original’s Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 5. During the keynote, multiple developers from Hi-Rez and Titan Forge were happy to discuss the visual performance enhancements coming with the sequel. Of course, the sequel harbors more than visuals. Importantly, the developers express a promise that Smite 2 is a true sequel. This means players can expect gameplay changes, god changes, and brand new features. Additionally, players can also expect new gods that will be arriving. In fact, the developers have confirmed 5 brand-new gods exclusive to Smite 2, the first of these is Hecate the Goddess of Witchcraft. 

Of course, a new announcement trailer gives players a glimpse of Smite 2. Check out the new trailer below. 

Currently Smite 2 is in development but Alpha sign-ups are available here. Of course,  Smite is available for free on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.