Husband Spends Entire Savings on Twitch Donations; Wife Not Happy

But Some Twitch Streamers Now Have a Lot More Money in Their Pockets

Twitch is a special place for many gamers and spectators, a place where streamers connect with their peers and the gaming community at large. Additionally, it is a practical by-product of the gaming Renaissance we bask in today. Not to mention all the money that circulates through it. However, one man may have basked a little too much when he donated his entire life savings.

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A 28-year old husband and father of one, unbeknownst to his wife, decided to donate all their money to streamers. While donations provide a casual means to keep streamers up and running, this donator went for full-blown philanthropy. However, his wife wouldn’t discover the level of his generosity until their join-account card got rejected. Naturally, she was upset.

After the revelation of her husband’s spending habits, the wife took to Reddit seeking relationship advice. She had to deal with the fact he spent the entirety of their $38,000 savings. A review of their account activity revealed a single donation reaching up to $1,000 and a total of $4,500 spent over the course of a day. And as a result of his single income, such splurging was unsustainable.

In a not so peculiar instance of the wife’s confronting him, he reportedly became defensive and claimed it was ‘his money anyway.’ However, the wife’s income contributed to their savings before she stopped working to raise their six-month-old child. Later, he would sleep on a family friend’s couch.

Obviously, this husband has an addiction. Since addictions are ever so problematic, Reddit responders have recommended calling Soldier and Family Services, the husband being in the Army; Moreover, they have recommended she check their credit history. If he’s opened up any credit accounts, he may only feed his addiction and further jeopardize the family’s fiscal security.

But what do you think? Spending is only getting easier and easier with services like Twitch streamlining the process. Those with income, especially breadwinners, can benefit from a little temperance. Let us know your thoughts about this scenario in the comments down below. And be sure to check back for more gaming news, updates, and oddities.

P.S. Those are some really practically Reddit responses.