Huge Resident Evil 7 Leak Reveals Story, Return of Recurring Character

Resident Evil 7 Demo Datamine Possibly Uncovers Events of the Game and Hints to a Familiar Face — Spoilers Ahead!

The Resident Evil 7 demo launched on PC a few days ago on Dec. 18, but dataminers have finally plundered its contents and discovered the possible return of a familiar series antagonist. Other details were also leaked, such as weapons, NPC names, story chapter outlines, multiple endings, boss fights, and DLC content. Okay, from here on out there will be possible MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

Resident Evil 7 title screen

If you are still with us, it appears that recurring series antagonist Albert Wesker will be returning in Resident Evil 7. Dataminers have uncovered several files whose titles have the name “Albert” in them, such as “AlbertWeapon” and “isDamagedByAlbert”. The files also suggest that Wesker may be the game’s final boss, as there is one called “LastBossGetAlbert”.

The game itself appears to have nine chapters in total, each taking part in different locations around the plantation. Dataminers believe there are multiple endings to Resident Evil 7, each influenced by what choices the player makes. The dataminers have also revealed the contents of Resident Evil 7’s first DLC, which appears to be an assortment of minigames to be released in four parts.

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